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Dumb Question;

How do you tell a dog's confidence level?
I hear that term a lot but don't fully understand what I'm looking for.


I look for a few things

Their willingness to engage in new, novel experiences. Their ability to recovery quickly from frightening experiences. A strong, natural curiosity to calmly face any challenge that comes their way. Also, a confident dog doesn't feel the need to shy away from nor bull doze unfamiliar dogs or people.
I usually judge based on the overall body language of the dog, how that may change based on the situation, how they react to new dogs/people/sounds/stuff, and, if they are frightened, what they do and how long it takes them to recover from a scare. And when I say body language, I mean the little things: which way is their gaze directed, whether their mouth is tight or relaxed, how their ears and tails are positioned, whether there are tongue-flicks or panting happening, or other displacement behaviors.
See I've always though of my dog as not typical [he's a corgi so by breed definition he's supposed to be a bold confident dog.] but with these comments it makes me feel good knowing that he's a pretty confident dog. In fact when I was looking for a corgi and needed up with Alfie was describing a confident dog. I wanted a dog who saw all these new kind of things and was simply would look at me like 'what's next?' and he does that.

April 2014

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