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Paper training a dog that has been going outside

I have a 17 lb female dog that is a beagle/yorkie mix named River. She is 2. I also have a Lab mix.

They are trained to go outside in the yard to potty by themselves, but not on a leash and not on command. Now its cold and River does not want to go outside to potty. DH and I decided we could paper train her to  go in the basement and maybe even get her a litter box. She's small, the weather is cold and wet and we really don't blame her for not wanting to go outside but she wants to pee all over the house now. Its like she was never house trained at all in some ways. 

How do you tell a dog who's been told for 2 years that its bad to go potty in the house that its suddenly OK to go potty on papers in the basement? There are no rooms in the basement. Its just cement basement. It is dry and warm.

We've both had dog before, but they've all been big, tough dogs like Labs and hounds that could stand an hour of  bad weather.


Maybe getting some of that fake grass stuff might help? I mean, if she associates grass with peeing then she might start to associate grass in house with peeing, instead of just anywhere in the house. I know it's weird stuff and expensive, but might be effective?
I'm not above chopping into the back yard. We can fix it later.
A chunk of real grass in the basement might be better than fake grass!

April 2014

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