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Former Stray Whining

We've had a stray dog* for about 2 weeks now  and she's so lovely and docile and is perfectly fine with out 2 cats.

But there've been a couple of problems. The biggest is the constant whining at night and whenever we leave the house. She was quiet for the first week then suddenly woke me up one night with the sheer volume all the way in my bedroom from the kitchen downstairs. She's also keeping the neighbours up, which is comepletley believable because she is very, very loud and doesn't stop all night no matter how many times we go down to her. 

I don't expect miracles but I've literally had no sleep for 4 days straight on top of looking after my other pets and all of Sheba's (the dog) medications and life in general. I really, really need some advice.

If it also helps, the vet reckons she's between 5 and 7 and is most certainly a mut. 

Another problem is house breaking her. When we're in the house she already knows to wait to go outside but when she's alone at night or when we leave she goes all over the kitchen. Very messy, she tends to do lots of smaller pathes of urine as well as two lots of stool generally. I don't understand how though since she gets let out quite a bit and seems to force herself to do something so she can come back in. I almost think she's holding it in. 

Well that's about it, I really hope someone can help me, I'm exhausted and worried everytime I need to go out.
*She's been reported to the dog warden and checked for a chip. 


Could there be something moving about outside, or a change of some sort to your routine, that triggered off the whining?

In that situation, I'd be inclined to have her sleep in a big crate upstairs, if you and she can both tolerate that - that way it's not so far to go if you have to go to her, and if there is a noise or something that is setting her off, you will at least be able to hear it too.

You may find that introducing a crate temporarily will stop her messing as well - I find with dogs that are not used to living in a house, they are often not very clear on which areas are 'inside' and 'outside' - so if you can keep them in a smaller area when not supervising, it gets easier for them to figure out where they should go.

I usually use a big crate for dogs that are not house trained just to manage the mess, for very short periods (give her something delicious to chew in there whenever you need to leave her) and then phase it out once it's no longer needed.

Could you give her more exercise a little while before you go to bed or go out, get her nice and tired? Do you leave her with any toys or chews? It's worth trying something like a tripe stick or a stuffed kong just before you leave.
A crate could be and good idea, she'd be closer to us at least.

We can't take her for walk yet, the pads of her feet and really cracked and tear open easily as well as having sores in the tops of her toes and ankles. The vet has advised us to let her do her buisness in the back garden until she's better.

About chews and toys. she doesn't seem to know how to play and she isn't interested in anything chewable either. I don't know how to coax her interest in either of these things.

Oh dear, she does sound like she's had a hard time. If she is that much of a mess, it does make it a bit more likely that this is just a temporary stage to get through rather than an ingrained problem.

Since she is not well, it may be that it will take her a while to come round to toys and chews, but it may still be worth trying smelly chews, they tend to respond to those first.

Dried tripe is good, if you can put up with the smell of it, and maybe try filling a Kong toy with something like liver paste or tinned sardines for her to lick out gradually? Once she has got the idea, you can make it harder by freezing the toy with the paste inside but to start with you just want something intriguing smelling that is easy to lick.
Thanx for all you great suggestions you've been really helpful! I didn't know they had smelly chew toys for dogs so that may actually be a big help thank you!

I'll try the dry tripe as well and may look into a one of those kong toys you mentioned and great tip about freezing the paste.

Thank you so much.

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