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Oct. 21st, 2010

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Small bumps on my dog!

Was just wondering if any of you fine folks had an idea of what I might be dealing with here.

My dog recently broke out in what appeared to be hives. There are small lumps all over her back and sides. Her belly seemed to have a rash too and I had recently washed her bedding so I thought it was an allergic reaction to the detergent. I ran her bedding through the wash again with no detergent at all, I gave her a benadryl and cleaned her belly rash (which was not lumpy, but blotchy) and put some ointment on it. Her belly has cleared up, but she still has the little lumps all over her back. The weird thing is, I've never seen her itch at them, so now I'm wondering if it's unrelated and not allergies at all? What could cause little bumps like that to pop up suddenly and stick around for 4 days now?

I'm going to be bringing her into the vet Friday if they don't go away. Not considering it an emergency since they don't seem to affect her at all. But I like to research on my own so I know what I'm dealing with. Any ideas on where I should start?

BTW, my dog is a female pit bull terrier, and probably about 10 years old. She has had small bumps show up due to aging, but only 2 or 3 in random places, not like this, a whole bunch all at once! She's still pretty active for her age and is acting normally. Her food has not changed, and I don't see any fleas on her.

EDIT: Argh, I posted to the wrong dog group. Oops! Mods, feel free to delete.

Oct. 20th, 2010

she makes me smile


Dog Attacked My Hand.

 I have what is quickly becoming a serious problem.

I have two dogs.  One is perfect, she is 6 yrs old and I've raised her from a young puppy (Perfect Dog in my userpic).  The other is the problem.  She is a 4 yr old German Sheppard/Rottweiler mix and I adopted her from the Humane Society when she was 2.  She has always been a really good dog.  She loves people, is ok around other dogs and has a great personality.  

Just in the last month or so she has started to become aggressive.  She has always been a little more dominant and has picked dog fights with my other dog, but that was MAYBE once every 4 or 5 months, and no blood was ever spilled or anything.  Recently though, she has picked 3 fights in one week with my older dog, to the point where my old dog stays in my bed all day and refuses to come out.   And she has started going after ME.  First, it was a snap or two when I was petting her.  I figured it was her being bitchy because she didn't feel like getting petted anymore.  But then tonight she went after my hand without me even petting her.... and didn't stop.  She didn't break the skin but my hand is killing me.  I put her in her crate and am currently ignoring her.  Yelling hasn't done ANYTHING because she just growls and sulks away.  Swatting doesn't do anything either because she will try to grab my hand.  

I have no idea what to do.  She's so good the majority of the time but then will randomly snap out.  And one of my roommates mentioned that the dog snapped at her the other day too (previously, she has only gone after me and the other dog).  I'm worried that she may progressively get worse.

There is no consistent pattern or situation that I can come up with.  Once there was food, but no other times.  Most of the time my older dog is just curled up minding her own business or walking to get a drink of water.  I tried the whole "maybe she's jealous, just give her more attention" but clearly that's not working.  I hate to use the crate as a punishment (she usually doesn't sleep in one, I just had to drag it upstairs specifically for this problem) but I'm running out of ideas.  


Aug. 31st, 2010



Introducing an adopted dog to a new home; accidents in home

Hi, new here! About two and a half weeks ago I adopted a 2 yr old female Pit/Pit-mix (no breed papers so the shelter is obligated to list her as mixed, but she doesn't appear to be anything other than AmStaff). She was spayed a couple days before I brought her home.

The story is that the family had to give her up bc they were facing eviction due to her breed, but who knows. In any case, they did well by her. She has no history of aggression and hasn't exhibited any. She's well trained and very obedient [most of the time], great with children, rarely barks (she barks more in her sleep than when she's awake!), doesn't jump unless I come home and she's thrilled - just a lover.

The problem is that just before picking her up I moved home with my mom who has a 6yr old Springer Spaniel. Needless to say, there have been some dominance issues but after two weeks they seem to have found a balance - somewhat - and they're communicating better and play together great (except that she goes after his big floppy ears a little too roughly at times :P).

She's supposed to be completely house broken - but we're having accidents. I don't think she has lived with other dogs before, and it seems like she's just marking where my mom's dog is.... for example, she'd been peeing on the front porch until we started closing it off because of it and that's where my mom let's her dog out on the runner and he probably drags his urine smell in with him on the leash. Today she apparently got downstairs in the basement, I don't even know when, and pooped and peed down there. It was in exactly the same spot the other dog peed in before (he doesn't have accidents, never has, but I guess it happened once or twice when my mom was away or had to leave in a hurry without letting him out or something - it happens). So, it seems apparent to me that she's just marking... but I'm not sure how to curb it besides crating her, which I'd hate to do. I've been looking for a deterrent spray, but I haven't found any yet...

Any advice? I'm sort of at a loss. I grew up with dogs, but this is the first time I've owned one myself, and a first where I've been the primary caretaker and responsible for training, etc.

Aug. 16th, 2010



(no subject)

 Im looking for some advice. Basically, my dog doesnt like anything. Ive tried all kinds of treats, different meats, he doesnt even like peanut butter! Hes not motivated by toys either, and praise only works sometimes. Im at a loss as to what to use for positive reinforcement.

Hes a two year old longhair chihuahua. Luckily hes a good boy, friendly with people and cats and loves other dogs. Hes pottytrained very well, I used praise for that when he was a puppy. He is good in his carrier and on long car trips. He sometimes takes a bit to warm up to new situations, but hes not anxious. It seems like he knows his name, but sometimes just ignores it. He has no recall, which is my biggest issue. He will come to me when he feels like it, and chase me when we play in the yard, but mostly when I call him he just looks at me. I really tried not to ever spoil him, but I wonder if I did somehow anyway... hes such a good boy otherwise, I know hes smart, I think he could learn recall if only I could find something to motivate him with!

Aug. 8th, 2010



getting the old dog to want to go outside for potty

me again, I have to much on my plate. i guess thankfully I am an unemployed homebody.
Nin has heart diesese. I don't know how to evaluate the quality of life in her. she does get spazzhappy when my parents come home (even over my mom who ignores her 97% of the time) and she does eat. I'm told animals who don't eat are sick/dying/depressed/tramatized.

Nina used to bark at the door when she has to pee, now she just slinks into the dining room to her favorite spot to pee. I was called an animal abuser elsewhere "because I'm forcing her to live in her filth" (NO that would be putting her in diapers and chaning them once a week)

I have bought pads and now nag to have pads bought because I am a non driver and don't do grocery shopping.

I would really really really like to use them in the instance when none of us can get her out the door. like when we are all out of the house (crating is mean!)

I try coax her out every hour and half, or usher her out. if i leave the door open she'll look at it, look at me, look left and right and kind of go walk somewhere else. with that a doggie door is out of the question.

Nina doesn't like being outside. I tried to be more gentle with brushing, but even running a rubber one on her body in a 'baby soft' way makes her flip out. then again a dog dosen't need brushing....a house just needs daily vacuuming jobs.

I told my stepdad, with creaky voice and anguish "PLeasE go get excited and give her TreaTs and praise HeR in a HiGH pitcHed voice and pet her so she knows Where to POTTY, like if she was a PuPPY and we house break HER". durh well that is on deaf ears.
(random capitalization to show me being upset and in dismay)
I think she just likes to pee on the floor.

so right now said dog is sleeping in the dining room, or by the stair case or bathroom doorway. I have no way to know if she is going to get up to pee. (I guess I can attach a bell?) so it is not like "you lazy &*%*&$I^( not caring for your dog, it's your fault she is peeing on the floor you *(&%$*, walk your dog &^*%$'ing *(^%$#$%#^"

(sure and with that I could always wake her up every 2 hours and make her go outside by making her chase something yummy and give it to her) so it leaves me hawk watching her.

during weekdays my parents cannot do anything, because they are not here. even in nice weather it is abuse to make them go and be outside (they hate it and their old bones need the comfort of a couch)

or should I just throw a diaper on her, and let my mom change it. time to time she gets pouty over "i want a baby" "i wish i could have another baby"

bullshit. I take care of these dogs. her beloved dog's dewclaws are almost growing into her skin and my mom would rather have me not stress her heart out by letting them get long.

anyone want a dog? (kidding)

Aug. 5th, 2010



older dogs, need to be out of the kitchen

our kitchen is shaped like a T. with 3 openings. gates are not an option

my parents think craiting is mean, unessesary and that, at 12 to 14 years old. not going to happen

I was trying, with a word and a hand signal. but I don't know why I stoped/gave up. but it took 3 months for them to remotly do anything

my mom seems to have a 'eh' and would rather just shove them out of the way for a quick fix when they wander/loiter by her ankles. or wander the kitchen.

my stepad was a bit on the ball and quit giving them "omg treats for sitting nice when he made his sandwich" I don't beleive they can 'tell the differance" between the 3 of us when "kitchen and food is concerned"

so how do I try again? is there really 'too old'? what if their mental prowness degrades with age? I tryed my "away" with my fist shake and they'd sit and look at me. I'd try "away" the shake and approach and the'd just jump back a little, untill they got the clue "i go out of kitchen I get reward". This was the case even after 3 months.

why is it "not a good idea" to have dogs in the kitchen? some people say I'm mean because "they just want to be with you so badly"

why yes, it is mean to

step on
trip over
have them snatch up anything inappropriate that falls.

I'm sorry to those folks that I don't want to trip over a little dog what is absentmindedly licking/sniffing the floor while I bring a pot of boiling water.

I'm sorry I have to shove a dog away when something like onion or extremity hot falls.

maybe my parents or self should
of all trained them from day 1, from 13 years ago. to not go in, to "leave it".

maybe it is also my mom, she won't help. she won't and didn't help me when i tried over the 3 winter months.

shoving them out of the way dosen't help, and giving a reward if they sat in the doorways only went so far. they still follow/ed everywhere, all the time.

I don't know how to get them "bed" and have the treat there, without running back and forth.

or should I do the horrible "if you go here bad thing happen" method by cutting nails in the kitchen?

I can't put them outside every time I make a meal, and I cannot leave them outside in winter when the deck is covered in snow if I make dinner

this is where how far it got. the'd just spend less time doing this
the'd do this when cooking
when doing dishes.

this is what I got from trying from November to January and a little bit into Feb. but I guess because my parents weren't diligant.

I guess it is back to stooping down and putting the hands on butt and shove them out of the room.

Jul. 20th, 2010


(no subject)

 Hello all.

I'm looking for help about a territorial dog? Problem is, he isn't my dog. I'm a dogwalker and I walk a few dogs every week and none of them have been anything but lovely, however I've recently been hired ot walk a German Shepard and a whippet in my area and the German Sheppard is quite, um, growly. The whippet is lovely, but the Sheppard doesn't seem to like me at most times, but will allow me to stroke him on occasion. 

I've spoken to the owner and she says that it will die down eventually, but is there anything I can do to get him to like me/not look at me like he is going to eat me? He is a little snappy as well as growly and it is quite scary to have a sudden German Sheppard with his head in the small of your back growling. I'm not that tall, or muscular, so if he really did have a try at me he could probably do some damage. He hasn't a history of biting, and is lovely when the owner is around, so I'm not sure exactly what to do. Sorry if I've waffled a bit, please comment if you think you can help.

TL:DR - Dogwalker needs to gain trust of scary German Sheppard.

Jun. 6th, 2010

no penis


leash training - HELP!

I'm not a newbie with dogs. I worked as a vet tech for 5 years and then owned my own pet care business for 5 years. But dear god, if I don't get my newest rescue leash trained, I'm going to lost my shit.

1 1/2 years old
German Shepherd Mix
Found on a beach in Puerto Rico

Let me premise this by saying we had resorted to a Gentle Leader which, of course, immediately made her the best walking dog in the world, but I felt like a cheater. When our other dog chewed the Gentle Leader right off of Segunda's face, I figured it was time we acted like real dog owners and stopped being lazy.

The problem? We carry treats. We stop and make her Sit. She knows to Sit and Stay. She knows "Derecha" means circle around on the left and come to a stop on the right. Segunda walks on the right and our other dog, Pirate Ninja Cyborg Jesus 1.0 (Ninja for short), walks on the left. She knows that making eye contact with me, and not necessarily only when we say, "Mira", means she gets a reward.

If she starts to pull, we stop. When she sits or looks at us she gets a reward. When she pulls too much, we change direction until she catches up and then we change direction again.

She STILL pulls. To the point where my hand is literally torn up and I've had to make several trips to the dermatologist for steroid creams.

She's a smart dog. She will sit and wait until we say, "Comela" when we put her food bowl down before she will start to eat. She knows Down and High Five. This leash training though is killing us.

We're living in Germany and finding a replacement Gentle Leader has proven difficult without ordering one.

WHAT in the hell are we not doing or can we do instead?

Apr. 20th, 2010



wee wee time for elder dog on lasix

the dog is 13, with heart murmurs, the vet gives us lasix
she never really liked walks, walking, if she got loose she would amble around though
if I'd try to walk her she'd slip out of the collar and trot home. so it's not that "she is in pain" she was doing that for years, if she was not on one she'd amble around absent mindly/in her own world/just sniffing and sniffing, and would want to be gone for a long time even at night in winter (i got her she got loose I thought the gate was closed)

she lays down most of the time.

she rules us by barking at the door to go out, as she's not a "yay walkies" kind of dog like the other, show her a leash she gets "Yayyyyy *bounce* Nina seems to sulk.

so I have a 13 yr old dog, who hates walks/outside, and she is on lasix, and now won't bark to go pee outside, who lays down most of the time.

I guess the way to fix her peeing in the house is

a) doggie diapers?
b) overuse of weeweepads?
c) coax her out every hour with 'treat'?
d) remove her (which will make her hate it more

even in the nice warm months and days she hates being outside, even with the dog bed, even with the food and water dish. she'll scratch and cry to be let in.

any of you gone through this?

If i walk her i try to go at her pase/very slow and not run.
or maybe its because I'd take both dogs (smallish) and the one likes to run and the other dosen't? even when she was 5.

how do I undo house soiling? I turn my back and she goes to her fave pee spot.
Nature's miracle dosen't deter her.

it's mean to have her live outside during the day with essentials during the daytime right? let her in at night? or should I try to take her out of the house every hour, load her up on "rewards" (toys don't cut it)

I don't know, maybe there are many methods. It's just she sleeps/lays down a lot. so I guess I need to catch her when she's up, follow her take her outside.

I had walked her, and an hour later without me following her she got out of the dog bed to pee. sometimes they walk around the house foraging/sniffing.
Nina isn't intersted in toys, dosen't seem to be and never did. she would never chase anything thrown

Feb. 24th, 2010



(no subject)

I have an 8 year old female lab named Seven.

Seven has gone through a lot of changes in the several months. In June 2009 my mom sold our house. I moved into an apartment and I didn't think that would be best for Seven, so I sent her with my Mom to her new house a few states away.

That's when the trouble started.Collapse )

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