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kuwaizair in positivelydog

i don't think there is a soultion

i know you guys hate me for how I tortured that one dog, but my cat enjoyed a brushing with that. that dog, Nina just hated being touched, I couldn't even brush her with a soft rubber one, and my parents, whom I live with didn't beleive in brushing dogs. You know, "just vaccume everyday if the shed hair bothers you"(odd considering the cat wasn't allowed in, due to my mom being pissy about "all the hair" that was shed. we put Nina to sleep in August, because of her CHF.

so we are down to one dog, who is getting worse with the trash can. our kitchen is shaped like a T, so closing it off with gates is out of the question. I don't know even if the'd buy them, or not be "lol wut?" if I spent my own cash, on them. Even if she was 4 years old

there is no place to hide it, and when we leave the house it goes on the counter. even if I'm upstairs, and no one is in the house, she knocks it over. I asked, yelled, pleaded, to get a can with a step-lid. I'm greeted with dog facts I already know(canine olfactory ability), or "she is senile" from my mom's end.

I'm tired of it having to go on the counter, and me being the only one "trying". but now that it's colder. I don't think I want to pretend to leave the house, hide, and "make the big scary noise". I'm the only one who'll do it. I asked my stepdad for help, but he thought it was unnecessary. "what smells good to us is irresistible to her, so she really wants what is in the trash can, just try not to put any food related things in it if you can help it"

or, just a "why do we need that? just remember to put the can on the counter"

they don't care about "what if she eats something toxic?" they can deal with cleaning up doggy vomit at 2 am.

she gets fed well, and now we need to switch to soft and home cooked because her teeth are "rotten and old". I'm told because she isn't getting "doggy junkfood" she needs her fix from our garbage. Licorice also now, will try to knock it over when we are home.

but nobody else helps, nobody does anything. and I get a "why are you buying that? we don't need that" if I suggest boundary.

her poop eating is getting worse too. I need to bundle up more to watch her, and not put her in the enclosed deck for her to use the "dog litter-pan" my stepdad built. she'll just go and "snack out"

is she sick or, her other newer food "just makes it so yummy"? is she one of the "she just likes it"? should I order them to take her to the vet? or drench everything in bitter apple? for when I do it, they do it(put her on the deck to use that, sometimes one is very busy around the house, or it's 9 pm and dark and cold) or the morning and busy.


This is a positive training community. No one here is going to suggest methods that will make the dog think the garbage is bad or scary since that means using fear, punishment, or something else aversive. That is the opposite of positive training.
how do you do it good? I thought the one way you teach them not to surf or dive, is to do things, like set up buzzers?

my parents are idiots, one think "shes too old to crate train" the other "it's mean to put the dog in a crate when you go out of the house, they should be able to have free range of the house all the time"
That is one way to teach it, but that uses punishment, which is not a positive training method. It can work for some dogs so there are people who use such methods.

One way to prevent counter surfing is to teach a dog a place command. Whenever you are cooking in the kitchen you teach the dog to go to and stay in one spot.

April 2014

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